To Grandparents

An Attempt to Master the Selfie Part (???)

In this time of COVID-19, the power of social media infiltrates every push and pull of my social existence. I wake up to instagram feed scrolling and facebook messenger notifications. I breathe the air of Gen-Z “woke” language at every corner and feel inspired almost every day to pursue a new hobby or wrestle with a new social justice issue. But sometimes, I forget that the here and now for my grandparents is not in the cyberspace but in the everyday nuances of a learned routine.

My grandpa recently came to know Jesus and started walking alongside Him in the months leading up to my baptism in January. Since then, I have had the privilege of hearing bits and pieces of his personal testimony and how God has been shaping different areas of his life. Whether it be a prayer before a meal, or a small side comment about some form of God’s goodness — everything made my heart so happy to hear. I have never known a joy like that of witnessing family come to Christ. It is a feeling that mimics anticipation for a journey so overwhelmingly exciting yet also daunting due to the unpredictable nature of the course ahead.

Today, my grandpa received the news that his recent fatigue, heavy-headedness, and loss of a general motivation to do anything was at the hands of lung cancer. While it seems sudden, it also comes as a fatally familiar blow. Cancer is one of those diagnoses that has the ability to strike fear into the young and old consciousness.

I think one of the most powerful things I have heard to date is the response my grandpa had after hearing his diagnosis.

My grandpa asked the nurse standing beside him if she could pray with him. This man, who would not even offer to pray at the dinner table, asked a complete stranger to pray alongside him in a pivotal moment of fear and uncertainty. What I take away from this interaction is a grace beyond measure and a love that is interlaced with strength to not only persevere but grow in the process. I cannot put enough emphasis on how much I admire the way that faith has played out in his testimony.

To the nurse that stood beside him, thank you for being open to prayer. To the doctor that took care of him, thank you for bringing light and understanding to his bedside.

To my grandparents, you teach me especially now to look around and see the world as it stands. Not through a filter, but through an uncomplicated view of the physical, mental, and emotional changes that come with growing older in a pandemic.



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