A time for everything

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” — Ecclesiastes 3:11

When I drive, I have a GPS dependency. I find myself looking down way more often than is probably needed, glancing down to double-check that the street names didn’t change or the freeway exit remained .5 miles away. My need to know exactly where I am and where I am headed is important. It’s something I value when driving. I like the assurance that the path I’m going down is the right path — it will not falter, drop off, or lead me astray.

Recently I feel like my thoughts have been wandering into the territory of..what’s next? It makes me weary to have these questions that pass through every so often about my current state of fulfillment. Can’t I just be content right here, right now, and love the place God has set before my present self?

I find myself taking notice of what gives and takes away my energy. What is life-giving, restoring, and stirs my heart to outward action rather than inward comparison? And on the other end, what feels counter to the full expression of all of those feelings?

I feel like I am driving down an endless 91-West freeway. A familiar freeway I know because of years of driving down it for school, friends, and now fellowship. I do not have to use my GPS anymore (for most exits). But I can cruise comfortably, letting myself enjoy what’s around me and taking notice of the hazy layers of sunset in my front windshield. Maybe my deepest fear right now is the idea that this road will one day end, these days will someday be in the rearview mirror.

And if the road does end, will I be prepared for the stop?

The Lord has set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. He has made, and will continue to ensure that everything is beautiful in its time. My life currently does not have to be guided by my own understanding of the timeline. The more I read that verse, the more I see how beautiful it is to rest in a place that always says yes to God — no matter the cost, burden, or inconvenience.

For He has shielded us from our own hearts, the source of self-righteousness and pride. He is the artist that leaves His masterpiece on display in broad daylight for all to admire, while standing afar in the crowd to delight in its beauty and watch over its safekeeping.

Today, I choose to praise God for the design of my thoughts and natural inclinations. I praise Him because He has fine-tuned my love for words, stories, and souls. He has crafted my heart to fill slowly through one-on-one interactions with others, journaling amidst coffee cake candles, and singing praise with simple guitar chords and bedroom acoustics.

Lord, I will find satisfaction in your good work — and that good work is me. I will no longer resist your heart for me because you are worthy of all that I am and ever will be.




daily contemplations of a young sprout

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Amanda Young

Amanda Young

daily contemplations of a young sprout

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